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The Campbell Prediction System Book, 2nd Edition - Paperback Sold Out.

This book is sold out. The Third Edition is currently being edited and will be going to print soon.

$20.00 + shipping
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Sold Out
The Campbell Prediction System Course Workbook

contains 55 pages of exercise material
Consisting of questions, photos of fire and tactical exercise maps.

$20.00 + shipping

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The CPS Language Book

A handy 13-page guide that contains pocket cards detailing wind shifts on Warm and cold fronts, the sundowner mechanics, type of fire and matching tactic, logic size-up and a thunderhead card.

$5.00 + shipping

CPS Solutions CD Set in PowerPoint

Set Includes 6 fires titles on one CD: South Canyon 1994, Initial Attack using CPS, 1966 Loop fire Hotshot crew burnover, Calabasas engine burnover, 30 mile fatality and Cerro Grande prescribed burn escape, Cramer Fire of 2003.

$30.00 + shipping